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Name: Ray Schöne




Message: Dear Bavarian Springboks,


with great joy we found your Club on the internet and decided to get in

touch with you. From reading your website you look like a very friendly

and fun bunch of people, fulfilling a great purpose connecting people

from SA and Germany.


We wish to get in touch with your Club about our education work with 2000

rural disadvantaged youth in the Eastern Cape, South Africa, with the

request for the Bavarian Springboks to support our Creative Youth

Empowerment Programmes.


I see that your Club supports charitable causes and has a heart for

youth. This is why I wish to introduce Youth Potential South Africa -

YOUPSA to you. YOUPSA helps pave the way to awaken the creativity,

potential and purpose in the youth of South Africa. We bring education

alive by igniting the inner spark in youth.


I am the co-founder and director of the education charity Youth Potential

South Africa - YOUPSA. Previously I lived and worked in Berlin for 13

years and Frankfurt for 2 years. Two years ago I moved back to South

Africa and founded this charity to fill an urgent need for rural kids.


Can you please help us by supporting our programmes that bring literacy

and creativity into the lives of these otherwise forgotten children?


To give you more insight into what we are doing, please read a recently

published newspaper article by the Daily Dispatch:


and a 2 minute video about our work:


We have a beautiful brochure that explains what Youth Potential South

Africa - YOUPSA is all about. Please let me know through which email

address I can send it to you.


It would be great if the Bavarian Springboks are inspired by our work and

would decide to support YOUPSA.


I am looking forward to hearing from you.


With warm regards, blue skies and sunshine from the south for all your

Club members,


Ray Schöne

Name: Nico Oosthuizen




Message: We have started a website for South Africans living overseas

where they can purchase the food they can not obtain regularly.

The products are priced in South African currency and is NOT OVER PRICED!

The order will be delivered to their doorstep by post, thus ensuring a

affordable service of ³food stuff² they always wanted to obtain in the

foreign countries. This is not only just another online shopping webpage

but a social media which enables xpats to communicate and share. We have

added a ³skinder hoekie² where those who are interested can ³skinner² or

share some of their recipes and experiences from where they are staying

including their mother¹s and grand mother¹s recipes including local qua

sine. We will have a new recipe every week and the contents which they

can not purchase in the country where they are staying could be purchased

from us and we will deliver these items to their residential address by

post. YOU WILL FIND SOMETHING OF EVERYTHING on our web page and if it's

not there just ask and we will gladly add it to our list -


Ons web blad bied julle egte Suid Afrikaanse respte en 'n "skinder

hoekie" waar daar net lekker geklets kan word en waar julle resepte en

ondervindings kan ruil. Daar gaan elke week 'n nuwe resep wees en die

inhoud van die resep wat julle nie plaaslik kan aankoop nie kan julle by

ons koop en ons sal dit per pos by jou voordeur aflewer. Van Gemmer Bier

tot by Melktert en Koeksusters sal hier verskyn.  Daar is iets vir elke

persoon wat huistoe verlang na sjokelade, Marmite en al die ander dinge

wat lekker is. Indien daar iets is wat nie op ons lys verskyn nie, kontak

ons en dit sal dadelik op die lys geplaas word. -

Name: Dorothea Strohm




Message: dear members,


I read a book , which you should - please - introduce to your South African people....


Sally Andrew

" recipes for Love and murder  "

a Tannie Maria Mystery 


it plays in the little Karoo

and you can't put it down....

And then the recipes......


tot siens



Name: Andrew Banks




Message: We are an entrepreneurial South African-based business, supporting other SMME’s in South Africa.




We offer an array of exciting, experience-based gift ideas online – secure and EUR-based. From luxurious spa days to airline flight simulator experiences, romantic horse trails to extreme-sport outings, shark breach tours to riverside dining…we have hundreds of experiences to choose from. It is a proven fact that experiences are superior to physical gifts in every way!


Please visit our website at and advise how best we can expose Germany-based expats to our offering, as we believe that we can provide a valuable service that, in turn, will provide much happiness to all concerned!