Our Goals

Though the name is complex, the goal is simple:

All South Africans or those with a love for South Africa should:


·       Get Together


·       Have Fun


·       Learn About Each Other


·       Help Others!


Meetings occur approximately every 6 weeks. Apart from our 2 annual events and experts organizing a function, members come up with an idea and that is our next Happening. In other words, a member has an idea and it happens. A member might for example, suggest a:


·         Walk or a Bike-ride,

·         Skiing or a Game of soft-ball,

·         Sight-seeing trip to a historical town,

·         Cape Malay buffet,

·         Visit to the Opera or Oktoberfest,

·         Tour of the Coptic Egyptian Church

·         Evening of beauty or Gambling 
and many more


Thus if you have a love of boerewors, want some fun and do some good, you need not go further than the Bavarian Springbok Club.


 Join us! 


fee25.- €  per year per family (plus your idea!)


Our committee


Genevieve Gundelfinger



Uli Feiler




Erika Buchholz

Helmut Körber




Hardy Feiler


New ideas?  Contact Us!